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The alleyway to the meaningful beginning of Zenith Institute of Business Management was in the contemporary year 2005.

The popularity of Management education has come a long way since its inception in the country. From a management program offered to elite few in early eighties, to management education easily available to all those aspiring students in modern times, management studies has evolved to be one of the most sought after courses in the field of education. Moreover, employers are getting increasingly aware of this fact and it has become vital to make sure that your Management Certification comes from a reputable institute. We PROUDLY take the initiative in introducing ZENITH INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (ZIBM) offering Fast Track Customized Correspondence courses in Management for Under Graduates, Graduates, Post Graduate to Doctorate level. ZIBM has excelled in the field of education and is known today as one of the foremost centre of Distance education.

 What is interesting to note is that even reverse migration seems to be almost impossible as  a student after having investing money and time in settling down in metro cities is apprehensive about going back to his hometown for the fear of a social backlash.

Affordability of the management program is also another important factor that needs a mention here.
Majority of the students from the rural backgrounds are unable to pay for the huge cost of education and living in the metro cities. Although educational loans are available from almost all the nationalized banks in India, repayment of loans out of their nominal salaries is certainly difficult.

Distance education therefore offers a plausible solution to the semi-urban dilemma. With our programs being affordable and within the budgets of a common man, ZIBM can be the right source for acquiring management education for our students without having to leave their homes. The future of business in
India definitely lies in its villages and there are justifiable reasons for it. Increased purchasing power,access to cheap labor and reduced operational costs has prompted many businesses to look to semiurban  India for a solution for its decreasing profits year after year. The prospect of a knowledgeable work force with an in-depth understanding of market is indeed very exciting.

It is therefore the mission of ZIBM to create a strong presence for itself in this relatively untapped market.  ZIBM aspires to set up its base in these semi-urban locations in the near future. In addition to offering a wide range of courses ZIBM also aims to provide training solutions especially to corporates willing to look at smaller cities for growth. Through these specially designed training programs for the rural and semi-urban youth, ZIBM not only aims to create a knowledgeable work force for companies but also restricts the urban exodus that creates undue pressures on the resources available within the cities. At ZIBM, we strongly feel that if management education has to succeed it has to be accompanied by developing a confidence amongst the students to compete at a larger platform. Our aim is to make management education a reality for the rural youth and if it is coupled with creating opportunities for self development or imbibing skills in leadership and entrepreneurship, we shall definitely add value to the rapidly changing business environment.

While ZIBM aim at becoming a university in the distant future, the road to achieving our goals  undoubtedly filled with challenges, ZIBM is fully geared up to offer professional education in distance learning mode with the back-up of extremely fast & effective e-Mentoring & Web based support services.

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